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Welcome to FitChoiceFoods!

Our passion and dedication to living healthy and fit lives are what drive us to create nutrition-packed meals to help you achieve your health and fitness goals – and we deliver them right to you. Chilled, never frozen!

At FitChoice Foods, we make and prepare a wide variety of made-to-order and portion-controlled meals with only the finest and freshest ingredients. Our meals are designed to be refrigerated and consumed within a week because we don’t use preservatives.

With careful planning and design, each meal is balanced with your specific nutritional goals in mind to provide your body with the nutrients it craves. Taste and feel the difference with FitChoice Foods!

FitChoice Foods was founded in 2015 by Renee Harshey, an award-winning professional athlete (2-time Olympian) and wellness expert. Today, Renee remains a consultant to the new owners of FitChoice Foods to preserve the quality and nutritional content of the meals.


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Dedicated & passionate team of experts

Renee Harshey

Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Renee Harshey is our Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She is an IFBB PRO Wellness Competitor, and Competition Coach. She knows just what you need to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Stewart Little

Stewart Little has been our chef since FitChoice Foods was founded in 2015. He creates the signature meals and the weekly specials with Renee. Stewart has been in the food industry for almost 30 years. Check out our website each week for delicious, specially created meals by our chef!

Luz Berg

Luz Berg is the current owner of Fitchoice Foods. Previously, Luz was a corporate executive in a NASDAQ technology company. Customer service and operational efficiencies are two items she brings to the table! Tired of the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, she is now following her passion for food. Prior to moving to Arizona, Luz owned a specialty barbecue restaurant in San Francisco with her brother, while she pursued a career in marketing and operations.